Ethereum (ETH) For Tracking Ad Data by Global Leading Brewer

June 20, 2018

Using blockchain tech, world’s largest brewer Anheuser-Busch InBev wants to revolutionize the digital advertising supply chain and how we know it.

Ethereum (ETH) on It Again

Via Kiip mobile market app that uses Ethereum’s platform to track information, AB InBev has commenced its first blockchain based ad campaign. Based on what was released on the post, for now the target is to monitor the data, while thinking about to expand the reach of a specific ad.

“We’re building a company to last for the next 100 plus years and that can only be done by disrupting existing paradigms through innovation and putting consumers at the heart of everything we do,” said Lucas Herscovici, AB InBev’s Global Marketing Vice President of Consumer Connections, Insights and Innovation. “As the world’s largest brewer and brand builders, we take our responsibility for the stewardship of the category seriously through our approach to advertising and the ways we create meaningful experiences for consumers with our brand content. This campaign will increase transparency in programmatic ad buying and support the ways our brands earn consumers attention.”

The project has launched two weeks ago, which ad-highlighted five of the brewer’s most popular brands: Bud Light, Budweiser, Michelob Ultra, Estrellas and Limeatrita.

The product that Kiip is delivering, aims to enhance transparency and offers solutions to issues like mobile ad fraud by keeping the campaign database available to all players in mobile ad sales.

Different metrics – including impressions, engagement and price – are encoded on the ethereum blockchain, and AB InBev can track these ad activities every hour.

Despite that there are tons of other platforms in the market, like: NEO, LISK, QTUM or EOS, CyClean, similar to AB – InBev, chose Ethereum as its ground floor for further development. With that move done, the two are working very well together.

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