ENS .eth Domains Will Now Load IPFS Websites and Documents

June 21, 2018

A smart coder has come up with a very simple method to direct Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains to IPFS addresses. So simple in fact Phyrex Tsai, a Taiwan based coder, describes it in just one sentence:

“Resolve from ENS Public Resolver getContent hash to IPFS hash, and redirect url to gateway.ipfs.io.”

With MetaMask installed, and once it is updated to include the above improvement, you then just type in something like trustnodes.eth and visit a website that is hosted, resolved and accessed in a decentralized way.

The above was showcased in a video where he types phyrextsai.eth to then show the above page hosted on IPFS. He then shows the magic is real by typing testing.eth which gives an error as it hasn’t been linked to an IPFS hash.

That’s the redirecting part. You can see MetaMask is now the URL resolver with it then redirecting the URL to a hash when appropriate.

With this simple improvement so potentially allowing for easy navigation to IPFS content, which could then potentially allow for proper decentralized dapp sites, both frontend and backend.

Even the domain itself would be decentralized in this set-up as ENS is one of ethereum’s first smart contract project allowing for the wordification of ethereum addresses.

That is, instead of 0x143randomstuff, your ethereum address can be something like trustnodes.eth with others being able to send you money to the .eth address. Now that trustnodes.eth can soon even load up IPFS content.

Which we would have tested once the linking is added to MetaMask, but it looks like someone has stolen our domain!

Apparently they only paid a penny eth for it as well! Now who we send to court we don’t know (joke, we’re joking), but hopefully the owner of 0x004 will be nice and gift us the name because we need it to test stuff.

Not that we’re sure how such gifting would work, but more than a year later ENS keeps moving along, still finding some decent use.

Once IPFS is incorporated it may become even more useful with ethereum in effect gaining a proper domain name service of its own.

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