Diceland Technology's Success — the First Island on the Blockchain

Diceland Technology's Success — the First Island on the Blockchain

November 16, 2018

DiceLand technology, developed by WestLand Storage, was first used on the whole region, and more precisely on an island in the Caribbean. This was the first time in the history of Blockchain, when the development was applied in full on such a significant scale. And taking into the fact that the technology is aimed at increasing the liquidity of real estate and simplifying the process of investment and profit, it can be argued without a doubt that this has a positive effect on the profits of the company’s investors.

This is evidenced by the fact that the company has provided its customers with access to investing in real estate on this island. The daily income of investors amounted to 2% or more, which is twice the income from objects not located on this island. This fact can be regarded as another confirmation of the efficiency of the technology and its development.

Considering the progress demonstrated by the company, it can be concluded that the technology is almost at the final stage of implementation and can be applied in real conditions now. In preparation for this, the company has already established subsidiaries in the USA, China, and Australia, because these countries will become the starting points for the globalization of this technology.

And even though the island has become a kind of experiment in demonstrating the work of the DiceLand technology, we can safely say that WestLand Storage does not slow down and continues its development along with investors, which are becoming more and more every day. This is a promising company with technology that one day will change the real estate market forever.

Author: Jared Smith, Blockchain Expert


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