Desert Financial Credit Union Enables Contactless Member Authentication With MemberPass

Desert Financial Credit Union Enables Contactless Member Authentication With MemberPass

October 9, 2020

Contactless identity solution MemberPass has officially been deployed in Desert Financial Credit Union to provide a contactless, secure method for authenticating member identity in all of their contact centers.

MemberPass, which is powered by credit union industry blockchain initiative CULedger, allows credit unions to automate the authentication process quickly and securely. It is the first Know-Your-Customer (KYC)-compliant, member-controlled contactless identity available from a credit union cooperative.

Desert Financial is Arizona’s largest local credit union with $6 billion in assets, more than 340,000 members and 47 locations across the Valley.

In a press release, Desert Financial said that it is using MemberPass to improve the member experience within the contact center. With their omnichannel approach, Desert Financial members will be able to use their MemberPass credentials throughout all aspects of an in-person banking experience, tapping into the lobby and drive through in the future.

“The MemberPass app puts control of a member’s identity and authentication in their control,” the release stated. “As an omnichannel solution, users of the app eliminate the need for knowledge-based authentication (KBA) questions when calling contact centers, and Desert Financial’s members will be able to prove their identity through a quick ping to the app. This provides a contactless form of authentication that is perfect for the current masked environment. Members will also be able to verify the credit union representative contacting them, which is increasingly important in a time where fraudulent outreach is becoming more common.”

Ron Amstutz, executive vice president at Desert Financial Credit Union, said that Desert Financial strives to create exceptional experiences, and they are constantly working to ensure they can provide secure, safe interactions to their members.

“Authenticating identities within contact centers has historically been a difficult task, with very specific questions needing to be answered,” Amstutz said. “MemberPass enables our credit union representatives to approve the member’s call within 15 seconds thus eliminating a huge pain point. MemberPass helps us provide that exceptional experience to our members while also protecting their identity and financial information.”

John Ainsworth, president and CEO of CULedger, said that MemberPass is distinctly positioned in the industry by its ability to allow both members and credit unions to authenticate identities quickly and securely.

“Desert Financial members will notice the security and simplicity the app holds, allowing for them to own their identity again,” Ainsworth said. “We are thrilled to see Desert Financial go live with this service in their contact centers, taking the lead in demonstrating to the credit union industry the next generation of authentication experiences.”

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