Cryptocurrency Roller Coaster in its bad phase.

March 17, 2018

People are facing bad part of the cryptocurrency roller coaster ride.

A lot of people have invested in cryptocurrency and would have earned huge money if they were not being trapped by their own greed with the passage of time.

A former journalist named Derek Rose said that he started investing in cryptocurrency with $70,000 and was earning half million dollars a day. But his greed becomes more and more and he put more money into it and even borrowed $US 14 million to buy more cryptocurrency. He already had put his all the savings in cryptocurrency. He cashed out all his retirement money and purchased more of it.

During the mid-December last year in 2017, cryptocurrency touched the highest peak in terms of its worth from the time, Derek started investing in the cryptocurrency.

Though he was paying thousands of dollars as interest for the money he borrowed he was also making half million dollars a day.

Rose told that he bought 10 Bitcoin, way back in 2013 but sold them off for $500 to pay his debt. If he would have stored them with him, he would get $80,000 for those Bitcoin two days before Yesterday as the Bitcoin worth was around $8000. And, if he had bought these coins in December he would have earned many times more than $80,000. He said that he had done the biggest mistake of his life by doing so. He thought that cryptocurrency platform is the good one to invest, and not thought of it’s like a gambling.

Like Rose, there are thousands of people who have invested in cryptocurrency. They have enjoyed the heights and now they are facing the worst part of the Roller Coaster called cryptocurrency. Rose, if he sums all his investment, says he had spoiled $9 million in cryptocurrency, the amount of money, not seeing by many in their whole lifetime.

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