Crypto Entrepreneur Expands From Luxury Goods To Creating Own Currency

Crypto Entrepreneur Expands From Luxury Goods To Creating Own Currency

October 20, 2018

Elizabeth White founded her company to connect the crypto community with luxury goods

Within the bitcoiner community (and crypto in general) a “Lambo” refers to a Lamborghini, a high-end car that has become the symbol of success among the big winners of cryptocurrencies. It is the material symbol of a great aspiration, a very expensive vehicle that also demonstrates the power to transform digital money into real-world assets.

With volatile prices and maximum caps in exchange houses, it is not always easy to go from cryptocurrency to tangible luxuries.

Elizabeth White founded a company that allows you to buy luxury goods with cryptocurrencies. At The White Company, they accept bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, ethereum and fiat dollars. In addition, they offer discretion and “absolute confidentiality.”

The website of the company clarifies that customers can communicate via Telegram or Signal (both ultra-safe messaging applications).

The entrepreneur joined her career experience in the car industry and her connections with venture capital funds to bring the crypto community closer to the car of her dreams.

“There is so much new wealth in the cryptocurrency community,” says White. “Automobiles [Lamborghini] are a great image, because they establish themselves as possessors of cryptocurrencies.” In addition to “Lambos,” White offers jewelry, watches, gold bars, art and dollars. She assures that you can send these products to “anywhere in the world.”

White can make the transactions thanks to the liquidity that a fund called Apis Capital Management gives her.

“We can quickly turn someone’s holdings at any time,” White said.

If a person wants to acquire a Lambo through White’s company, they must pay about 90.86 bitcoin, or about 615.30 Bitcoin Cash or about 1156.40 ethereum (equivalent to USD $697,682 at the time of writing the article).

White also offers the possibility of buying goods with cryptocurrencies. If someone has an asset that they would like to sell and get cryptocurrencies in return, they can write an email, call by phone, or use any of the instant messaging services. Being able to charge digital assets for real-world assets, explained White, is a key and validating function for cryptocurrencies.

“Everything is about offering the cryptomagnates something they need,” he added.

The new “stable coin”

Her experience in the purchase and sale of crypto assets has now inspired her to focus now on a new challenge, always related to cryptocurrencies. It will launch a new cryptocurrency in conjunction with partner Edgar Radjabli. Its name? The White Standard.

This digital currency will be a stable coin. It will escape the price vagaries of the best-known cryptocurrencies, as it will be tied to the dollar. A “white standard” will be worth one dollar and will work on Stellar’s blockchain.

“As they win in adoption, the white standards will be interchangeable in other exchange houses,” Radjabli said, adding that this cryptocurrency “will allow buying a cup of coffee up to a Lambo by paying with any other cryptocurrency around the world.”

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