Credit Suisse Asks US-Based Unvaccinated Employees to Work from Home

Credit Suisse Asks US-Based Unvaccinated Employees to Work from Home

August 25, 2021

Credit Suisse, a Switzerland-based financial services firm, has issued an internal memo asking its unvaccinated employees in the United States to work from home. According to Reuters, the measure will be effective starting September 7, as the COVID-19 Delta variant keeps spreading significantly across the country.

That said, plans for a total return to the offices will be delayed until October 18, depending on the circumstances, and is subject to changes. “As concerns increase around the country regarding the Delta variant, we continue to strongly encourage all staff to get a COVID-19 vaccination and keep apprised of the latest updates to mask and physical distancing requirements in your area,” the memo reads.

The firm also adds that Delta variant’s higher contagion rate is a special concern for them due to the current figures seen in the U.S. The news was confirmed by Credit Suisse, as Bloomberg came up first with the report, which was taken first as a rumor. But the Swiss financial services company isn’t the only one worried about the Delta variant spreading in the United States, as some U.S. banks are reconsidering their current sanitary measures, such as strengthening mask mandates and even asking employees to get vaccinated if they want to keep their jobs.

Other Major Banks Strengthening Their Anti-COVID Measures

Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and Citigroup are among these financial institutions that made vaccination mandatory for its employees in the United States, prompting controversy among people. However, companies have been taking such measures by citing concerns about waking up another outbreak that could lead to further lockdowns due to the Delta variant.

The news comes after reports emerged on Credit Suisse considering centralizing its management and replacing its present regional structure in an effort to cut operational costs. The investment bank executives consider folding the private banking and other money managing divisions into one global division, controlled from the Swiss offices.

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