CoinDash Ramps up Efforts in Crypto Social Trading, Launching New App, Blox

March 3, 2018

CoinDash has continued strengthening its trading suite, this time with the deployment of a new app, Blox. The app is noteworthy as it represents the latest effort by the group to pursue improved social trading capabilities in the crypto space, an area that is still quite new.

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The launch of Blox coincides with strong demand for portfolio tracking solutions and social trading capabilities. Indeed, many traders are new to the crypto space and are relying on these sorts of strategies when trading such volatile markets. CoinDash has recognized this demand, culminating in the development of Blox as an automated, cross device portfolio management and tracking tool.

Adam Efrima, CoinDash’s co-Founder, commented on the launch, “We have been witnessing a huge growth in user demand towards portfolio tracking solutions, as long time crypto traders, we could not find anything that fully answers our needs. It was clear that the first layer of our product should be a next gen portfolio tracking tool that will be fully automated and provide a complete solution for crypto asset management.”

Blox’s app has been in the making for some months, having been tested during an extensive beta phase. Social trading continues to be an area of emphasis for the group, though other developments are in the pipeline as well. Following a successful token sale last summer, CoinDash is looking for new ways to utilize its tokens, CDT (CoinDash tokens).

“We are grateful for the opportunity to build a strong and supportive community which have been accompanying the App development from a very early stage up until the official launch took place. The feedback received by current Blox users is enthusiastic to say the least, the road ahead is full of challenges but we are confident that Blox is well positioned to become a market leader in the coming months,” explained Alon Muroch, CoinDash’s CEO.

The announcement is the second development for CoinDash this week, after a total of ETH 20,000 were sent back to the address of CoinDash from an address that was used by a mysterious hacker at the time of the company’s ICO.

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