Coinbase gets another lawsuit from customers

March 6, 2018

Users filed another group claim against Coinbase, claiming that the crypto-exchanger appropriated unclaimed tokens.

According to the text of the document, before the 2017 year, very few knew about Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies, which caused most of the funds sent by e-mail to be ignored by the recipients.

However, the exchanger decided to hold the tokens at home, without informing users about the availability of unclaimed digital currency.

Coinbase again under the sights of customers

Applicants require the management of the exchanger to recover funds, including those that were sent from email accounts, the expiration date of which has already expired, reports The Cointelegraph.

In addition, the applicants emphasize that the claim concerns any Coinbase user who has lost his funds due to the exchanger's actions regarding unclaimed emails.

Earlier, the stock exchange collided with customer group claim, according to which, the company's employees were engaged in the dissemination of insider information in order to overstate the cost of BCH.

Author: Vasilisa Ming, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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