CFX Quantum Token – One Month, Seven Exchanges

CFX Quantum Token – One Month, Seven Exchanges

January 23, 2021

The Newly Recognized Player in the DeFi Industry

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain aficionados dream of debuts like this. It’s fabled: mass adoption and platforms welcoming with open arms. Few ever obtain such widespread appeal and acceptance quite like CFXQ token of CFX Quantum and its service ZEROONE.

So far, in one month alone, seven exchanges have onboarded CFXQ: DIGIFINEX, LATOKEN, P2P, WHITEBIT, XT, COINSBIT, and, of course, their own platform, CFX Quantum Zeroone Wallet. This is proof that the industry is recognizing CFX Quantum as an emerging player in the DeFi industry.

But CFX Quantum and its service ZEROONE have several successes that extend beyond their platform onboarding and applications. There are many strong rumors that CFX is working diligently on a banking services project. Plus, their ZEROONE trials have been quite favorable, leading to even more rumors and expectations for future growth.

So where does that lead us? What is the nature of CFX Quantum and its service ZEROONE, and what does the future hold for a cryptocurrency and blockchain use case poised to make such an impact?

In design and in practice, CFX Quantum and its service ZEROONE is an exercise in safety and security when trading. It’s no secret that risk is an equal currency to any currency, since risk is tied to any modicum of trading or transaction.

Thus, CFX Quantum and its service ZEROONE has, somehow, achieved the impossible: the ability to make profits at zero risk through an innovative application of arbitrage trading. The method of execution: CFXQ quantum-inspired computing with the Digital Annealer chip from Fujitsu, resulting in ZEROONE.

By staking ZEROONE, any owner can be rewarded with a premium of 1% per month. The Digital Annealer chip offers astounding speeds that create a constant flux of results, so premiums of 1%+ can be achieved with no risk to the capital involved.

While this seems like a dream come true, which owners and traders have been hunting for over a period of decades, if not from the origin of trading itself, the nature of CFX Quantum and its service ZEROONE is little more than an optimization of arbitrage trading. ZEROONE is a stable coin pegged in Euros with assets backed in Crypto, specifically USDT.

Of course, that ‘little more’ difference packs a wallop. A combination of hardware and software, the Fujitsu Digital Annealer chip can calculate immense numbers of outcomes and produce results in real time—even beating CFX’s own expectations and the fastest supercomputers and companies whose entire business model is based on hedging.

While real quantum computing may be years away, still too expensive and inefficient, CFX Quantum and its service ZEROONE, along with the Fujitsu Digital Annealer chip, is a ray of light and breath of fresh air.

Want to see proof? What if you could buy a cryptocurrency on one exchange, and immediately sell it on another exchange for a higher price? The result would be constant growth, would it not? This is where the CFX Quantum and its service ZEROONE stands— the other side of a divide where time dictates how much money can be made within a given transaction.

But does it really come down to the need for speed? No, the methodology employed as much as greater finesse and other minutiae are what empower it to make the right moves at the right speeds to maximize potential. You don’t want to be a bull in a china shop—you want to be a bull that can leverage an entire market.

That’s the power of CFX Quantum and its service ZEROONE.

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