Celebs are all set to launch their own Crypto-Coin

March 21, 2018

Michael Owen is to invest in Celebrity Cryptocurrency

Michael Owen, a former soccer player from England decides to invest in cryptocurrency. The company named GCOX is the Singapore based global crypto offerings exchange represents itself as the First celebrity cryptocurrency exchange of the world. Michael is going to invest in cryptocurrency with this firm.

Michael in past days was known as one of the best goal scoring players in the world. He had played so many soccer matches for his club namely Liverpool and Real Madrid and for his country.

Michael addressed that the career of a sportsperson is short and even retirement thereafter life is long. He was 33 when he stopped playing and now is 38 and since then he is venturing into some business. He further said that he knows that invest in cryptocurrency is risky but he believes technology is the good platform to interact with his fans directly. In addition to this, he said, “The world evolves and sometimes you have got to be brave.”

Through GCOX celebrities who want to invest in celebrity, cryptocurrency will be able to launch their own tokens. And also sell and merchandise that will be paid for tokens. Tokens can be then exchanged with Ethereum and Bitcoin at the prevailing market price.

The GCOX strategy is to make money through transaction fees. The start-up will allow popular celebrities to make their own personal cryptocurrencies and they will be managing their own initial coin offerings. The company may become the world’s first popularly known authoritative index as there will be a lot of coins on the marketplace. Celebrity-tokens can be purchased through own acclaimed coin by the fans and could be used as a media to purchase exclusive services and goods. As of now, the start-up is raising funds through private investment and will announce the first ICO somewhere in the second quarter, according to GCOX spokesperson.

Along with Michael Owens, Manny Pacquaio, a boxing legend is going to privately invest in GCOX. We all know that to invest in cryptocurrency may be a volatile decision. To this, Michael associating with the sports says that it is always important to associate yourself with the best team, you consider at one point in time. When a person associates themselves with the best, they can eliminate most of the risk.



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