CEEK Paves the Way to Mass-Scale VR Experiences with Blockchain Tokens

March 5, 2018

The CEEK project develops award-winning hardware and software, leveraging blockchain technology for virtual reality (VR) experiences.

North American revenues from concert ticket sales reached $8 billion in 2017, which is the largest amount recorded since 1990, according to Statista. Every year, US artists sell about 60 million tickets and yet cannot satisfy the ever-growing demand or visit all the open and available concert venues.

While physical constraints are unavoidable, technology may offer a solution to this problem. CEEK is building a virtual universe based on smart-contracts and blockchain technology, enabling users to experience performances and other events without having to physically attend any venues.

Hence, CEEK VR removes the distance barrier, making exclusive content accessible to anyone, no matter where they are in the world. Ultimately, fans get what they’ve always wanted – borderless entertainment, while content creators such as artists and musicians make a profit by monetizing and distributing their assets in a VR setting.

Welcome to the CEEK CITY

Currently, CEEK offers a number of VR experiences within its CEEK City platform. There are theaters, concert venues, sports complexes and much more to satisfy all demands. CEEK’s VRs are governed by Ethereum smart contracts, which means the token holders can purchase virtual tickets and other assets and get rewards for voting, participating in contests, or giving reviews.

How it all works

CEEK utilizes mobile VR solutions that are the most cost-effective and convenient for delivering VR entertainment to regular users. The company offers simple ready-to-use mobile VR headsets compatible with most current smartphone models. They can be bought at all major retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and through established partnerships with Apple, T Mobile, and Universal Music Group.

CEEK runs proprietary 4D audio visualization software and hardware to create an unparalleled presence effect. Its solution enables sound to be dynamically rendered, producing a feeling of true immersion.

Besides, neither users nor content creators have to master new software as the platform is easy to use and compatible with existing sound systems.

Celebrity Minted Tokens

The CEEK platform allows celebrities to create unique digital content and engage audiences at the next level. Tickets and passes to virtual concerts, digital autographs that cannot be duplicated, and virtual album covers verified by blockchain to prove their authenticity are just a few examples of Celebrity Minted Tokens application.

The CEEK platform already offers virtual concerts for many famous artists, among them are Lady Gaga, U2, Sting, Snoop Dog, and Ringo Starr. It also plans to go beyond the music industry. Recently, Olympic speed skater Ted-Jan Bloemen sealed a partnership deal with CEEK, becoming the first professional athlete to be paid in cryptocurrency to compete in a major event.

If you’re interested in CEEK, you can sign up for updates on their upcoming public token sale.

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