Blockchain Technology, the Biggest Wonder of the 21st Century [Inforgafic]

Blockchain Technology, the Biggest Wonder of the 21st Century [Inforgafic]

November 8, 2018

While the jury may still be out on whether blockchain technology will find a way to successfully mesh with our current systems, there’s a strong case to be made that this technology is the most impactful discovery in recent human history.

So what makes blockchain technology so revolutionary, and why does everyone continue to call it a game changer? Well, simply put, it enables us to take a massive leap forward in the way our digital world functions. The technology allows us to develop digital environments within which you don’t have to trust anyone in order to make things work, because the data can’t be changed or rewritten.

Obviously, this has a massive potential to disrupt just about any industry that relies on digital data to some extent—which is, in this day and age, literally every single one.

While most of us usually associate the blockchain’s impact with the banking and financial sectors (a natural consequence of the fact that blockchain-powered systems are used as frameworks that run cryptocurrencies), the line of industries that could potentially be disrupted by blockchain technology does not end there. Covering that comprehensive list is what the following infographic is all about—it outlines precisely which noteworthy industries and fields stand to gain the most by implementing blockchain technology into their core systems.

Brought by, the infographic describes what the blockchain is and how its peer-to-peer systems work, all explained in layman’s terms that require no technical background in order to be understood. However, the infographic’s main goal is to provide you with insights into how various industries can benefit from blockchain implementation.

Of course, different industries will have different advantages from this groundbreaking technology—which is hardly surprising as blockchain technology, on top of all the benefits it brings, can easily be handcrafted in order to adjust to just about any industry’s particular requirements.

All in all, this infographic will help you understand how the blockchain can and most likely will improve a total of 16 different industries, all of which are vital parts of our everyday life.

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