‘Bitcoin Tycoon’- A New Video Game That Simulates Mining

March 7, 2018

Mining bitcoin can be a time and money- consuming activity to undertake. With the enormous electric costs, the ever-growing price of graphics cards, and thousands spent on multiple cooling systems, mining has become more of a resource- draining hassle than a profitable endeavor.

To make matters worse, the markets are incredibly volatile, experiencing single day highs and crashes quite frequently, leaving many new traders with nothing.

But some people just want to see what’s the big deal with crypto mining and investing. For those that curious to know how losing thousands of dollars in an instant feels like, there is a game that will let them go through the woes of a miner. Bitcoin Tycoon is a new mining simulation video game which will be released soon on the Steam platform.

“The early access version will contain a basic mining system, which includes PC building, hardware store and a mining pool. Later on, we may keep working on hardware, running an exchange website, and cloud mining builds,” said the developer on the Steam page of the game.

The game was developed by 99 Game Studio, a Shanghai-based company. Bitcoin Tycoon lets players experience the life of a bitcoin miner without having to lose any actual money. The game’s timeline is set in 2014 and the character you’re playing has adopted cryptocurrency mining very early on. You will be able to direct his career, build a rig, and “understand the bitterness behind mining.”

“Due to some issues with time and cost, we have to publish the early access. We apologize that this game is not well-polished, can only be called playable, but please be kind to an early access game, we are still working on it,” the developer states on the Steam page. “Currently, we are halfway done of the system design. We don’t have a save/load system yet, which is a pain.”

The launch date for the game in early access is set on May 2018. The developers promise to deliver a solid storyline, the possibility to modify both your mining rig and your home, unpredictable events and multiple career paths. The protagonist will have to deal with other miners and have branching career options where they can become heavy volume traders or fast-living investors.

Whether this game will actually provide enough training for people to actually get into cryptocurrency mining and survive the market remains to be seen.

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