Bitcoin SV Virtual Meetup on July 29 targets APAC

Bitcoin SV Virtual Meetup on July 29 targets APAC

July 23, 2021

The BSV enterprise blockchain has continued to explode—both in adoption and popularity—in Asia-Pacific (APAC) in recent years, with China and Australia leading the region. On July 29, the BSV community in the region will once again get the opportunity to come together for the latest Bitcoin SV Virtual Meetup, with presentations from industry thought leaders.

The APAC meetup follows the June 2 Bitcoin SV Virtual Meetup in EMEA, hosted by Centi founder and Bitcoin Association Ambassador for Switzerland Bernhard Müller. Centbee co-founder Angus Brown, CoinGeek’s chief Bitcoin historian Kurt Wuckert Jr. and UNISOT CEO Stephan Nilsson made presentations at the meetup, which preceded CoinGeek Zurich conference.

For the APAC meetup, Bitcoin Association’s Regional Manager for Southeast Asia Ella Qiang will host the event.

Bitcoin Association’s Regional Manager for China Lise Li will start off the presentations, giving insights into the BSV development.. Aside from the innovative startups building solutions on Bitcoin SV in China, the country also boasts of having a high number of developers taking to BSV in recent months.

Tokenization will also be among the topics that will take center stage. At a time when every other industry is looking to issuing tokens, the sector is seeing explosive growth. Bitcoin SV is establishing its position as the tokenization blockchain, with platforms like RUN protocol, the Simple Fabriik Protocol and Tokenized making it easy to create tokens.

James Belding, founder of Tokenized, will join the meetup for a presentation. He will share the virtual stage with Stephan February, the head of engineering at iSTOX. The two will discuss the opportunities and challenges of tokenized securities.

Fuqiang Wang will also present at the meetup, giving the attendees an introduction to TokenSwap. Wang is the co-founder of the platform, but is best known as the co-founder of Volt, an easy-to-use digital currency wallet.

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