Bitcoin Cash Node Owners Do Not Proffer Reorganization Protection

Bitcoin Cash Node Owners Do Not Proffer Reorganization Protection

November 26, 2018

Bitcoin Cash Nodes seems worrisome

Ever since its inception, Bitcoin Cash Node upgrade project has visualized a growing threat in the form of node centralization. Most of the network nodes are hosted on VPS platforms, having Alibaba as one of the favorite solutions so far. It appears that things may improve moving forward, although a new problem has shown up all of a sudden.

Few days ago Bitcoin ABC introduced a new client. This latest version introduced a feature which assures no one can reorganize the BCH blockchain. It is an integral feature when considering how there are still two networks effectively competing with each other.

It seems that most of the Bitcoin ABC-based node operators haven’t updated to the latest client. There is a much bigger problem as majority of nodes are still running the older version of 0.18.0 or higher. In case of any node not running 0.184 or later need not “fork” checkpointing system in place.

Usually, it is an assumption that seven out of ten nodes do not include this checkpointing system. Presently, a very few people effectively use the Bitcoin ABC 0.18.5 implementation. As per Coin Dance, it is an implementation used by just 99 network nodes. Although there are 1,060 ABC nodes, this statistic is startling to be the first and foremost.

Final Thoughts

However, these statistics may not affect Bitcoin Cash Network. But, things do not seem to be as great as others may want people to believe. Thus the node owners do not have any excuse to not upgrade the software whenever a new update releases. At least not when those upgrades involve key changes to make the network more safe and secure for all users.

Share your thoughts about the Bitcoin Cash Node client upgrade. Will the Bitcoin cash node operators switch to the upgraded version of the Bitcoin Cash node client? 

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