Bitcoin Cash [BCH]’s Roger Ver: Even Monero or Dash could be accepted as world currency

Bitcoin Cash [BCH]’s Roger Ver: Even Monero or Dash could be accepted as world currency

November 17, 2018

The Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hard fork was the main topic of conversation over the past week, with the involvement of several parties within the BCH network. The hard fork which was made popular by Jihan Wu, Roger Ver, Craig Wright, and Calvin Ayre occurred on November 15, when the Bitcoin Cash network split into two, the Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV.

Speaking to Crypto Coin Trader, Ver, the Chief Executive Officer of acknowledged the right between the parties within the BCH network and stated that:

“The internet has a lot of good people and lots of bad people. I only tend to engage with the good ones.”

He also said that he was pleased with how the Bitcoin Cash hard fork took place on the 15th, where the Bitcoin Cash ABC team had the lead over the SV team. The ABC side had mined more blocks under the new consensus rules. He went on to say:

“I stayed up all night watching the fork. It was like Christmas night for me.”

The official said that he does not mind if cryptocurrencies like Monero or Dash was also accepted as a world currency. He reiterated that his only aim was to provide economic freedom to the people and Bitcoin Cash at the moment was the best way to do that. Ver added that the fork is a good thing and even called back to original Bitcoin hard fork, saying:

“I wish the bch-btc split had occurred earlier. If the fork had happened had happened before then Bitcoin Cash could have had a multitude more use cases.”

Roger Ver was also in the news recently when he talked about launching a cryptocurrency exchange. He had said:

“Most of the time I say something important and nobody really cares. Other times I mention something in passing and the idea of the exchange was said exactly like that. Of course, we are going to launch an exchange, we are Bitcoin Cash. It would be highly surprising if we don’t launch an exchange.”

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