All Best Features in One Platform, Created to Post Photos and to Earn Money!

March 5, 2018

Hardly can one imagine a single day passing without at least a couple of photos taken… Selfies, photos of dear and near ones, beloved pets, landscapes, interior design, street art and more.

Right at this moment, 3 billion smartphones are being used and most of them are high-class devices that can capture high-quality photos. For example, about 47.000 photos are published to Instagram every day. Over 1.2 trillion photos were clicked by smartphone users in 2017 only.

Therefore, all the more shameful is that the authors of visual content who most deserve monetization of their inspiration, creativity, and commitment get almost nothing from posting their works-of-art on social media platforms. In fact, these platforms turn out to get the lion’s share for what they solely host.

SELFLLERY is a visual content-rewarding platform. On SELFLLERY a user automatically gets rewards for each like or comment in cryptocurrency YOU token which is based on Ethereum blockchain. YOU tokens can be transferred to Ethereum wallet and managed as wished. SELFLLERY’s motto easily explains the idea: TAKE PHOTO — MAKE MONEY!

The new social platform has several distinctive features that you can’t find anywhere else:

You could have seen some of these features in other products, but you have never seen a platform that has it all in one!

On the 5th of March 2018 at 12.00 (UTC +03:00) SELFLLERY starts YOU tokens sale at TGE.SELFLLERY.COM. In the first 48 hours of ICO tokens are being sold with 5% bonus.

Don’t miss a chance to join a new generation’s platform and to get rich!


Token Generation Event:

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