Analysis: Customers from APAC Are Top of Deposit Charts

March 8, 2018

2017 came to an end showing growth in FX deposits and high trader activity. It looks like 2018 is on a path to continue the trend, according to January data.

In December of last year, the average activity of FX traders remained high, but it was a little bit off the levels seen in November. Asian traders were still dominating the rankings with China taking first position. As the latest analysis by the Finance Magnates Intelligence Department with data from CPattern shows, Chinese traders conducted on average 93.2 transactions in December.

In January of 2018 the situation was similar to how it was previously, with the first two spots in our activity rankings taken by China and Malaysia. This time, the typical Chinese trader conducted on average 126.7 transactions. Growth in activity was also observed among the remaining countries, including Turkey in third place with 94.2 transactions per trader in month.

Similarly positive trends were seen in the case of average deposit size. In December of last year, Australia led the ranks with an average deposits size of $4,741. Shortly behind was neighboring, New Zealand with an average of $4,452.2.

The domination of Oceania was challenged in January 2018. While Australia still led the pack with average deposits of $5,448.3, it was suddenly separated from New Zealand by two European countries – Cyprus ($4,420.9) and the Netherlands ($3,947.5).

Over the last 6 months, the retail FX industry has been witnessing improved conditions in terms of the average deposits of traders. At the same time, the average withdrawal was growing too. The average first time deposit (FTD) remained relatively low, below the $1,000 mark. Whether or not this trend will continue over the coming months is yet to be seen .

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