An Unusual Year is About to End on a High for Asia Broadband, Inc.

An Unusual Year is About to End on a High for Asia Broadband, Inc.

October 26, 2021

2021 has been challenging. It was the first full year to come after the mind-blowing madness that was the pandemic. On the one hand, we want to move forward and forget the past in 2021, but on the other, we know it’s not even gone away properly yet. Everything feels a bit stuck and uncertain.

We want a brighter, more positive future, but can we allow ourselves to believe in it just yet?

For the gold and crypto markets, 2021 was somewhat similar. Gold started out in excellent health, but despite the constant threat of recessions, its price has not gotten close to testing 2K in the whole year.

Crypto went wild for a while, but all-time highs were followed by huge crashes and doomsday predictions that the bubble had finally burst.

Fast forward to the year’s end, and things are looking a little rosier. Mike McGlone from Bloomberg Intelligence has predicted that gold is just around the corner from hitting new all-time highs. And crypto knows it’s Christmas soon and is getting ready for yet another winter super cycle.

The companies operating in these spheres have had to hold tight for the most part, but as 2022 comes into view, anybody positioned in gold and crypto looks like they are going to enjoy their New Year’s Eve celebrations.

For a company like Asia Broadband, Inc. (OTC: AABB), which is well-positioned in both, we feel that this could be an end-of-year unlike no other.

Diversify, Diversify, Diversify

All great traders know that diversification is the key to success in any market condition. And while some may have raised their eyebrows when we sold a large part of our gold operations at the start of this year, we made this move with the long game in mind.

The $82 million generated from that sale was reinvested in other gold-rich mining areas and shifted some of the company’s focus into what those in the know believed could be an even bigger winner.

Operating in a sphere directly linked to the world’s greatest ever hedge in gold is awesome, but what if there was the possibility to also use some of the profits from there to diversify into the new world’s greatest hedge?

That’s precisely what we did. We allocated a portion of the money used from the successful gold sale to creating a hybrid project that brings the worlds of gold and crypto together.

This kind of initiative is not unique. Many projects have attempted to convince uncertain investors to enter the crypto market by promising all the strength but relatively low volatility of the gold market as a counterpoint against the too wild swings of the crypto market.

In theory, this is an ideal trading scenario, but the reality is that many crypto-gold projects are not all that they present themselves as.

Our AABB Gold Token, on the other hand, is a one-of-a-kind proposition in this sphere thanks to its vertical integration of Mine-to-Token gold-backing. This means that, unlike other gold-backed cryptos, we hold physical gold assets that back the AABBG token 100% from the mining production segment of our holding company.

The minimum price of the AABBG token is set at the current spot price of gold, which reduces investors’ risk. However, this should not be a big concern for token holders right now, as the price of gold is supposed to be on a positive trend that is heading back up towards all-time highs.

On the crypto side of the token, the price will continue to appreciate based on its market demand in relation to the limited supply of tokens available for purchase and exchange. And anyone with even the slightest interest in the crypto markets knows that things are about to get very hot over there.

Beyond Gold and Tokens

At AABB, our core business is firmly founded upon gold. It’s where we come from, and it’s most likely always going to be a central part of our operations.

The diversification into marrying gold with crypto is an opportunity too good to miss out on, but we want to take our move into the digital world even further.

The future is digital. Of this, we are sure. And so for this reason, our AABB Gold Token is only one part of our plans to enter the world of crypto and the blockchain. Rather than simply test the waters, we have decided to go all-in and fully embrace the vast opportunities in this sphere.

In the last six months, we have been working closely with Core State Holdings, Corp. (CSHC) on developing a wider crypto-related infrastructure that includes a crypto wallet, a crypto exchange, and a fully integrated AABB Gold website.

An Exchange on the Horizon

The AABB Exchange will feature at least 20 trading pairs. All these major cryptocurrencies are paired with the AABB Gold (AABBG) token.

As holders will know, the unique qualities of AABBG allow it to benefit simultaneously from both the gold and cryptocurrency markets, with a minimum price tied to the price of gold but with all the potential for price appreciation based on the sentiment of both markets.

These unique features make AABBG an ideal store of value investment and future payment method for purchase transactions.

Ready for liftoff

2021 has been an unusual year, but all the hard work never stopped. At Asia Broadband, we feel like all the efforts that have been put into this year are finally going to come to fruition in a big way at its end.

All-time highs for both gold and Bitcoin seem to be just around the corner. And with our fully integrated crypto infrastructure now fully operational, we are prepared for the fresh wave of positive investor sentiment that is sure to come as the gold and crypto markets head towards the moon once more.

To buy the AABBG token, download the AABB Wallet conveniently from the Google Play Store or Apple Store, create an account, and click on “Convert.” After going through the Know Your Client (KYC) process, you can purchase AABBG. Using the secure wallet, you can transfer AABBG anonymously with one click.

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