March 9, 2018

As the various crypto-currencies suffered large-scale losses in the price, Litecoin fell to the lowest level in three weeks. Yesterday the given криптовалюта bargained for 176,65 US dollars. Before that, it was able to rise in price to the level of 183 dollar, but at the moment the price of one LTC token is 178,64 US dollar.

Litecoin on the market

Litecoin and many other crypto-currencies have faced some crisis in trading activity. Low trading volumes make the market more susceptible to the impact of negative news, such as recent hacking of the crypto exchange Binance. However, Binance themselves state, that all funds will be returned to investors, and the initial tokens of hackers will be withdrawn and sent to charity.

However, LTC is by far not the only one who has fallen into the bear's paws this week. All major digital currencies received a serious price shock. Recent news shaking the crypto-currency market may affect further prices, since exchanges must be registered with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).

A recent statement from the SEC:

"If the platform offers trading in digital assets that are securities and acts as an" exchange "as defined by federal securities laws, then the platform must register with the Securities Exchange Commission as a national securities exchange or it will not receive the necessary registration ".

The fifth-largest crypto-currency in the world stood firmly on its feet having colossal, according to the Bitfinex exchange, 252 US dollar for one token in early February.

The index of relative strength (RSI) also fell to less than 50,00 on the bearish trend, which is confirmed by today's decline in prices.

Despite these data, Litecoin receives positive feedback from its followers on social networks.

Author: Andrey, analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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