11 of the Biggest ICO ROIs of 2018 [Infografic]

11 of the Biggest ICO ROIs of 2018 [Infografic]

November 2, 2018

Since the ancient times people have been fond of gambling. Playing with their luck in magical way makes both women and men feel happy, and as the level of excitement was gradually growing, so did the number of spots to be bet on.

While vast swaths are cherishing their hidden propensity in the dark rooms of the casino, some wealthy individuals found the haven in a risky investment. The idea of a moderate input being transformed into a fortune in a single night has been driving crazy many minds.

However, nowadays the traditional financial market has evolved to the stage when one needs to play big in order to win big, meaning that the chances to suddenly hitch a jackpot based on fair luck are close to zero.

There is where alternative forms of investment are welcome. The cryptocurrency investment does not require any financial background or skyrocketed amount of money. Investors are allowed to buy whatever cryptocurrency they want for as much as they can afford.  

Moreover they have a unique opportunity to contribute to one of the blockchain-based startups that currently are springing up like mushrooms after the rain. Every one of them is promising the moon, but here comes a question that puzzles lots of wannabe investors: how to make sure you investment will be successful in a long-term run?

The answer is simple: nohow. It is a trick. A price that investors have to pay for such low eligibility criteria that continuously forces them to make decisions in uncertain and volatile environment.

Yet few of those who once bet on some of the best startups in terms of ICO return on investments today have indeed made their fortune. Take a look at the infographic developed ICOWatchList and don’t miss out 11 of the biggest ICO ROIs of 2018.

11 Of The Biggest ICO ROIs Of 2018 (The Coins You Will Cry About Not Investing In Sooner!)

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