‎Exclusive: Bull Infotech Launches P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange ‎CashFinex

March 12, 2018

Bull Infotech, a London based Fintech frim owned by former TradeNext CEO ‎Mohsin Jameel, is shaking crypto markets with the launch ‎of its P2P exchange – CashFinex, Finance Magnates has learned.

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The new venue offers a P2P cryptocurrency exchange, ‎but with a dramatically different approach than ‎traditional exchanges. ‎CashFinex exploits the full potential of MT4 platform to ‎give traders a reliable, leveraged based product.

This means that ‎CashFinex clients gain today the ability to trade the ‎digital asset class on the most popular platform in the retail ‎forex market, which currently offers “more than 25 pairs of margin based ‎crypto alongside traditional crypto with exotic FX,” the company says.

Being a P2P platform, CashFinex facilitates direct transactions ‎between users, while its security is guaranteed due to a continuous auditing and protected 99.999% server uptime data. It also ‎complements Infotech’s unique Bridge, which integrates the MT4 platform and ‎crypto exchanges, along with a payment ‎gateway that enables an ‎alternative option for traders.‎

In this way, CashFinex emerges as a unique service that maximizes ‎the possible benefits of both the FX and crypto spaces while minimizing the risks and ‎pitfalls usually associated with it.‎

The recent crypto boom has led to mass demand for both trading and ‎exchanging cryptocurrencies, but the retail community still faces ‎several challenges. This has led to fairly rapid adoption by FX ‎brokerages, many of which have already assimilated cryptos into their ‎offerings. Bull Infotech is also looking to tap into this trend, with its technology ‎seeking to connect FX traders to crypto exchanges.‎

CashFinex also gives access to the crypto traders to trade Buxcoin, which is a cryptocurrency that provides private instant verified transactions. The coin is a decentralized, open-source cryptocurrency that is focused on the privacy of its users.

Explaining the rationale for adding the new instrument at this time, the company ‎said: “Adding the Buxcoin cryptocurrency will provide private instant verified ‎transactions. It is a ‎decentralised, open-source cryptocurrency that is focused ‎on the privacy of its users. Its ‎global community is run by a team of skilled ‎mathematicians, proficient programmers and ‎financial experts.”‎

Bull Infotech is a comprehensive provider of software products and IT ‎services, and the group’s suite of developing tools have also been ‎instrumental in linking MT4 with cryptocurrency exchanges.‎ Its newest initiative, CashFinex, is registered in Estonia and currently in the process of obtaining a P2P exchange license.

Announcing the launch, Mohsin Jameel, CEO of Bull Infotech said: “It’s an exciting time for the business; we’re building on our FX industry experience to bring two markets together to enable easy switching between margin and cryptocurrency trading on a safe and easy exchange, so users can trade with confidence.”

He continued: “Today, individuals and ‎businesses accept digital currencies to speed up transactions for a lower fee. As a digital ‎exchange, our aim is to help businesses enter global markets and in doing so help them to be ‎more effective than competitors who have yet to embrace digital currencies.”  ‎

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