‘The Office’ Dominates Nielsen 2020 Streaming Rankings, With ‘Ozark’ The Top Original Show

‘The Office’ Dominates Nielsen 2020 Streaming Rankings, With ‘Ozark’ The Top Original Show

January 22, 2021

Acquired titles — chief among them The Office — dominated streaming in 2020, according to a newly released year-end summary from Nielsen.

The measurement firm began incorporating subscription streaming into its weekly ratings last summer, though with an extended lag time, by arrangement with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Disney+, the four SVODs it currently measures. The numbers reflect only viewing through a TV screen — meaning no mobile devices — and just in the U.S.

Consistent with the pattern of the weekly charts to date, titles acquired by Netflix account for the majority of the top-ranked shows. Nielsen released separate top-10 lists for acquired and original fare. In order to create a more coherent picture of how series performed, Deadline has combined the two lists into a single top-15 chart — see it below.

The Office wrapped up its run on Netflix — it’s now on NBCUniversal’s Peacock — with 57.1 billion total minutes of streaming. Shows with longer runs are automatically set up to have more favorable results given that Nielsen tracks total minutes of streaming (the more episodes, the more potential streaming).

Grey’s Anatomy, another prolific show, finished No. 2, followed by Criminal Minds. Shows that originated on broadcast networks, whose business models called for large episode orders and long runs, occupy eight of the top 15 slots.

The only originals to be found are Ozark, the top original and fourth-ranked show overall with 30.5 billion streaming minutes; Lucifer, The Crown, Tiger King and The Mandalorian. Five other Netflix originals are clustered between 11 billion and 13.5 billion streaming minutes: The Umbrella Academy, Great British Baking Show, Boss Baby: Back in Business, Longmire and You.

The Mandalorian, whose second season wrapped on Disney+ in December, was the only non-Netflix show to earn a spot in the top 20 shows.

Nielsen also ranked movie viewing. Because of the company’s methodology, the movie rankings are dramatically tilted toward Disney+ because of all of the repeat viewing and family fare. Frozen II and Moana topped that list., which had seven films from Disney and three from Netflix. Library films took up seven of the top 10 spots. Three originals included Pixar’s Onward, with about 8.4 billion total minutes; Hamilton, with 6.1 billion, and Netflix’s Spenser Confidential, with 5.4 billion minutes.

Here is the top 15:

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