Planet Fitness offers free membership to teens this summer

Planet Fitness offers free membership to teens this summer

May 15, 2019

Planet Fitness will offer free memberships to teens this summer

Planet Fitness CEO Chris Rondeau discusses why the company is offering free memberships to teenagers this summer.

Teenagers who want to lose weight or just be physically active this summer will have a free space to do so through Planet Fitness' new “Teen Summer Challenge.”

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The program targets 15-to-18 year-olds and allows them to work out at any of the company's 1,700 locations.

“We tested this in New Hampshire last year – 2,500 kids in about nine weeks – they logged about 12,000 workouts," Planet Fitness CEO Chris Rondeau told FOX Business' Stuart Varney Wednesday. “So we decided it worked so well – we decided to launch it nationwide this year.”

When asked how giving away free gym time boosted the company’s revenue, Rondeau explained that in the test program, the teens' commitment to fitness often inspired their parents to sign up for paid memberships.

“It's great brand affinity – gets 'em off the couch, too and gets them off their devices,” he said.



Planet Fitness developed the program as a way to fill the empty space in its gyms during the summertime. Rondeau said the company is not concerned about the teens disturbing other patrons during their workouts.

“We have 13.6 million members and almost half are millennial, so it's a great way for us to introduce the Generation Z population ahead of time. And as they become of age to join – they'll think of Planet.”

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