GoDaddy and Gojek look to provide omnichannel point-of-sale support for small businesses

GoDaddy and Gojek look to provide omnichannel point-of-sale support for small businesses

December 17, 2020
  • GoDaddy acquired POS technology provider Poynt to penetrate in-store retail.
  • And Gojek introduced POS device GoBiz Plus to enable merchants in Indonesia to accept cashless payments—pointing to a trend in omnichannel POS offerings.
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Both GoDaddy and Gojek have expanded their offerings to include physical point-of-sale (POS) technology to help small businesses adapt to the evolving commerce landscape.

  • GoDaddy agreed to acquire POS technology firm Poynt for $365 million. The ecommerce service provider plans to bundle its own website services with Poynt's POS offerings to help small businesses accept payments online and offline and build a connected commerce experience for their customers. Poynt's POS device, Smart Terminal, allows merchants to accept chip, magnetic stripe, or contactless credit and debit card purchases as well as QR code or NFC-powered mobile payments, helping GoDaddy move toward offline business. The cash and deferred payment deal is expected to close in early 2021.
  • Gojek introduced a mobile POS (mPOS) device for micro- and small- to medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in Indonesia. The Indonesia-based multiservice firm expanded its merchant super app GoBiz to include GoBiz Plus, a mPOS device that lets businesses accept cashless payments via debit and credit cards, the standard Indonesian QR code system, and mobile wallets like GoPay and LinkAja. Merchants will also be able to use the device to record orders, update menus and pricing, and print receipts, positioning Gojek to use GoBiz Plus to grow its merchant partner base.

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the need for integrated online and offline POS offerings. Faced with pandemic-driven temporary store closures, many small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) were forced to bring operations online to maintain customer relationships.

This transition brought the challenge of integrating payment and order management processes into online systems. In response, companies like ecommerce platform provider Shopify and restaurant software solutions firm Toast have introduced offerings to help businesses manage the transition.

When the pandemic fades and stores regain some popularity, SMBs that brought their business online during the pandemic might need a management and POS solution to efficiently integrate their online and offline processes and adapt to evolving in-person consumer payment habits, especially amid the substantial rise of digital payments, like mobile wallets.

In the aftermath of the crisis, firms like GoDaddy and Gojek can build omnichannel POS offerings to appeal to SMBs. GoDaddy, which operates mainly online, has an opportunity to capture brick-and-mortar SMB interest with Poynt's POS technology—especially since most SMBs mainly operate offline.

In doing so, the company can push its web services to a larger crowd while also penetrating the physical retail space. Meanwhile, Gojek can use GoBiz Plus to bring digital payment solutions to MSMEs. The pandemic helped accelerate digital payments in Indonesia, so merchants might take an interest in the offering. Going forward, other firms that focus on either online or offline retail might also look to update their offerings to cater to both spaces and reach more customers than they would've otherwise.

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