Colchis Capital To Use Blockchain To Innovate Real Estate Financing

Colchis Capital To Use Blockchain To Innovate Real Estate Financing

October 13, 2021

Alternative investment firm Colchis Capital is partnering blockchain infrastructure firm Bison Trails to use Provenance blockchain to unlock new use cases for real estate investments. Colchis Capital will utilize the Bison Trails platform to run nodes on the Provenance blockchain.

Bison Trails will provide the secure, reliable node infrastructure for Colchis Capital, which will use the Provenance blockchain, built to support the financial services industry, to bridge the crypto ecosystem with real estate investments.

The use of blockchain technology will enable Colchis Capital to enhance the operations of its investment strategies, and provide investors with greater efficiency and transparency to manage their real-estate related assets.

Colchis Capital is focusing on providing lower-cost financing, and streamlining reporting for both debt and equity real estate investments.

It is also looking to develop a suite of software services that will provide investors with near real-time reporting on cash flows and yield generated by assets, without the typical overhead associated with generating these data streams.

Further, Colchis is exploring blockchain technology for asset tokenization and more intricate investment models driven by blockchain.

For all these new cases, Colchis will rely on Bison Trails’ secure blockchain infrastructure to run nodes, process transactions, and further build its technology stack. Colchis Capital is looking to bridge the gap between blockchain and industries that historically rely on traditional finance.

Bison Trails currently enables secure validator infrastructure on the Provenance blockchain, a multi-billion-dollar platform, allowing traditional financial institutions to offer blockchain services. Coinbase acquired Bison Trails in January for an undisclosed amount.

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