Bitcoin Breaks Yet Another 2019 Record Price

Bitcoin Breaks Yet Another 2019 Record Price

May 10, 2019

This has been a good week for the Bitcoin market, as it saw the most popular cryptocurrency regaining the lost ground, and touching a new record price of the year.

Recovering from concerns of a bearish reversal, Bitcoin rose for the fourth consecutive day with a rise of more than 11 percent since the beginning of the week.

From $5175 on Monday, Bitcoin reached 5778 on Friday, the highest price in more than five months.

The biggest and dramatic rally was seen on Friday, when the softcoin improved by nearly 7 percent, or $316, within 24 hours.

On weekly chart, the softcoin is trading at 11.61 percent, or $598 higher.

BTC rose by over 14 percent, or $706, from where it was valued 30 days ago.

As of writing this, Bitcon is changing hands at $5,712.

As Bitcoin (BTC) is on the offensive, having defended key support, a rally to $6,000 is possible.

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