Tradable Blockchain Game Omni Pets Launched By OMC Group

Tradable Blockchain Game Omni Pets Launched By OMC Group

August 10, 2020

OMC Group, the blockchain arm of AIO Synergy Holdings Berhad, has announced the launch of a new tradable blockchain game.

Called Omni Pets, the new blockchain game is a useful way to get educated on blockchain technology and its potential. Omni Pets are digital tokens created using the ERC-721 open standard based on the Ethereum protocol and are non-fungible, that is, these tokens are all unique unlike the ERC-20 standard used to create cryptocurrencies. With only 200 unique digital tokens offered per week in the form of eggs, these pets when hatched have to be cared and nurtured as their trading value also rises if they are “happy” and “contented.” The digital pets, which come in 16 designs, are bought with the in-game currency, known as “gold coins” that is valued at $1 per gold coin. They can be purchased with bitcoin, Ether, US Dollar Tether and OMCoin.

OMC Group said that Omni Pets is not just an opportunity to invest in a unique blockchain asset that can be traded through a secondary market among like-minded enthusiasts, but it is an opportunity for people to understand how blockchain works in a fun way.

“Each Omni Pet is represented by a unique token in our blockchain and we believe that this is a fun and interesting way for people to understand blockchain better while giving them the opportunity to collect and trade unique digital assets,” said OMC Group CEO Jack Lee. “Beyond Omni Pets, the use of ERC-721 can be used to tokenise other assets, such as art collections, property and jewellery. We also believe that blockchain technology can enable a trusted form of ownership for digital assets and we are taking this step with Omni Pets.”

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