Token Pre-sale of the World’s First Social Challenge Network is in Full Swing

March 6, 2018

Even though it may seem that it is impossible to invent something new in the sphere of social networks, in reality there is still some space for innovative ideas. And PROVOCO can prove it. PROVOCO is the first social challenge network, based on blockchain technology.

Ethereum smart contracts and utility token monetization have allowed to create this new generation social project. Thanks to blockchain technology we can see how trust, openness and security can be ingrained into the social network space bringing benefits for a wide audience.

Monetization and gamification will secure an opportunity to formulate, accept and fulfill a wide range of private and public challenges, which will help to create thousands of engaging activities and content. All these will make PROVOCO attractive and interesting for users of all ages from all over the world. Transparent smart contract signatures and community voting will guarantee transparent rules for accomplishing challenges and trustworthy results.

Users of this social network will be able to accept challenges including small viral ones that will be updated on a daily basis. What’s more important, some challenges dealing with such global up-to-date issues as poverty, hunger and women’s rights will also be found among others. PROVOCO team strongly believes that these challenges can be perceived as a motivational tool for creating something interesting and enjoyable that can bring benefits for somebody else or even for the entire society.

PROVOCO has already released its first mobile app version. It was created by a team of 10 members and consists of seven separate areas, offering a new design concept and user-friendly interface.  Of course, the app is not the whole project but only its part, nevertheless, it’s a vital component of such a social initiative.

PROVOCO is really proud of the people who are working on the project. It has been officially announced that Dylan Sharkey, LinkedIn’s former Head of Sales Solutions, has joined the advisory team. He will greatly contribute to developing monetization strategies, as well as the company’s business plan.

Having a great experience and a rich professional history, Mr. Sharkey is now extremely selective with the start-ups to be involved with. “I joined Provoco as it represents an irresistible opportunity to leverage my experience from LinkedIn by helping build the world’s first truly decentralized social network,” he said.

Token pre-sale is already on track offering 1 million of 51 million VOCO tokens that will be in total available for purchasing during the ICO. The value of VOCO equals 0.001 ETH.

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