S&P Global Platts Launches Blockchain Network To Track Oil Data In UAE

February 22, 2018

S&P Global Platts, one of the leading independent providers of information for the commodities and energy markets, announced that it started the deployment of its Blockchain solution that

will allow market participants to submit weekly inventory oil storage data

to UAE’s Fujairah Oil Industry Zone (FOIZ) and the regulator FEDCom, according to a release published on Feb. 22

According to Platts’ release, the Blockchain-based innovation will facilitate and secure the

unstructured process

of communication between terminal operators. The technology will reduce the need for manual data management by the regulator FEDCom and improve the quality of data by automatically validating the numbers, which will help avoid human errors.  

The joint Platts and Fujairah oil storage reporting system is the first commercial implementation of Blockchain technology in the energy business to go live, Platts claims in its release.

In November 2017, BP, Shell and other traders have established a consortium with plans to develop a Blockchain-based platform for energy commodities trading by the end of 2018.

Earlier in 2017 Cointelegraph reported about major oil industry regions considering Blockchain technology as a solution to stabilize oil prices as well as to provide transparency for the industry players and to reduce the amount of manual work in the energy sector.

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