Solo Energy Joins SolarCoin Blockchain Ecosystem To Accelerate Mass Adoption Of Renewable Energy

Solo Energy Joins SolarCoin Blockchain Ecosystem To Accelerate Mass Adoption Of Renewable Energy

October 25, 2018

Virtual Power Plant creator Solo Energy has teamed with SolarCoin to help increase independent solar power adoption.

Solo Energy is using cutting edge technology to turn people’s homes into a ‘virtual power plant’ (VPP) capable of providing demand side response to grid signals. Its energy-storage-as-a-service’ model delivers home batteries, free of charge to homeowners, allowing them to store onsite generation, but also charge their batteries and electric vehicles via the grid when demand. The company’s goal is to deliver their ‘energy-storage-as-a-service’ to 5,000 homes over the next two years.

SolarCoin is a community-based solar electricity reward program. It rewards solar energy producers with blockchain digital tokens at the rate of one SolarCoin (SLR) per Megawatt-Hour (MWh) of solar energy produced. The token may be claimed by individuals with solar-powered homes or commercial solar electricity producers. The project promotes the use of clean, environmentally sustainable energy, with the eventual goal of shifting the levelized cost of energy away from fossil fuels.

Under the agreement, Solo Energy will become a registered affiliate of the SolarCoin ecosystem, which means it will provide solar photovoltaic (PV) owners that become part of its Virtual Power Plant network with the support they need to understand and adopt SolarCoin.

VPP Members will be provided with a secure digital wallet, the required claim documentation and assisted on-boarding with the SolarCoin Foundation to ensure that claimants receive their SolarCoin rewards.

“We’re excited about the added benefits that SolarCoin can bring to our future FlexiGrid members”, said Mark Hamilton, CEO of Solo Energy. “We’re already bringing the benefits of participating in Demand Side Response to homes and businesses, but by supporting our users to access SolarCoin, we’re also helping to secure the future of solar generation.”

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