Solajump Aiming to Revolutionize the World of Short Games with NFTs

Solajump Aiming to Revolutionize the World of Short Games with NFTs

December 2, 2021

Solajump is set to carry out the initial minting of its 10,000 algorithmically generated solajumper NFTs starting from December. The Solajumper NFTs are priced at 1 SOL each and gamers looking to take advantage of the huge prizes the Solajump short game is offering must have at least one Solajumper NFT to compete with other players.

Solajump Bringing Back the Excitement of Short Games

While short games of yesteryears such as Pong, Tetris, Arkanoid, and others brought fun and excitement to players despite their near-zero visual appeal and engagement, due to the limited power of computers in the past, Nerd148 and Kokeshi Academy studios have joined forces to revolutionize the world of short games via the Solana blockchain, to offer gamers even more excitement and unlimited financial rewards.

Dubbed Solajump, the team notes the Solana-powered, visually appealing and fun to play game is the world’s first play-to-win short game. Solajump leverages the power of NFTs to revolutionize the world of short gaming via its play-to-win model.

Solajump draws on the key principles of DoodleJump, an endless platformer game from the stables of America’s Lima Sky studio. In Solanajump, the player’s primary objective is to jump higher and higher by bouncing off platforms randomly placed in the 2D space. The further the player progresses, the rarer the platforms become, and therefore, the higher the risk of a game over, explains the team.

In addition to trying their best to jump higher than other players, Solajump players must also aim to clear all levels in the game and become ultimate winners.

Solajump Rewards

To play Solajump, gamers must first own at least one Solajumper NFT, which is designed to enable them to compete in exciting Solajump tournaments loaded with significant financial rewards for winners.

Now, to give interested gamers a chance to own a Solajumper NFT, the creators of the game are carrying out the initial minting of 10,000 algorithmically generated Solajumper NFTs starting from this December. Each Solajumper NFT comes with a price of 1 SOL, during the initial minting event.

In addition to giving players access to the Solajump game, each Solajumper NFT also entitles players to a vast array of perks and bonuses, including a chance to reach first place in the Genesis tournament. 

The best Solajump players will win five-figure rewards, with the overall champion of the Genesis tournament bagging more than $30,000. Once the Genesis tournament comes to an end, players will have the option of selling off their Solajumper NFTs on the secondary market or using them to participate in the monthly tournaments. 

Jeff Meguir, CEO of Solaump said:

“Solajump is the result of the partnership between two studios: Nerd148 and Kokeshi Academy. The idea is to provide the DeFi ecosystem with emerging tools for NFTs and play-to-win. Solajump is the beginning of an era of mini arcade games connected with NFTs.”

The team says the Solajump monthly tournaments will kick off from January 2022, and players will share a prize pool of 100 SOL or roughly $22,700 at the current prices of the token. Kokeshi Academy has also hinted that the Jump Coin will go live in February 2022, to open up more opportunities for players. 

The team says 20 percent of the funds generated during the initial Solajumper NFT minting event will go into the Genesis tournament prize pool and be added to the current initial prize pool of 2000 SOL. Another 20 percent will be allocated to the monthly tournaments prize pools throughout the year, with new NFT mintings and tournaments going live each year, to keep expanding the prize pool.

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