Ridesharing With Airplanes, on Blockchain: Mike Winston of Private Jet Coin Explains

Ridesharing With Airplanes, on Blockchain: Mike Winston of Private Jet Coin Explains

November 8, 2018

So, your cryptocurrency bag hasn’t mooned enough to afford your own private jet yet? Private Jet Coin chairman Mike Winston says there are other options — and you could book them using a blockchain-based platform. His company took third prize in CoinAgenda USA 2018’s most promising startup competition, so Bitsonline‘s George Levy chatted with him to find out more.

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Private Jet Coin Has Access to 4,000 Planes


Private Jet Coin is “a blockchain-based booking platform for the 4,000 jets available for use if you don’t actually own it,” Winston says. He estimates about 85 percent of chartered flights take place on airplanes like this, and his company will “accept any kind of crypto” as payment to make them happen.

With 24 hours’ notice, Private Jet Coin can have a plane ready for your desired flight, within its defined geographic area. Using a blockchain-based booking system makes the process more transparent and available to more people, says Winston.

Seeking a More Efficient Network

There are over 6,300 landings per day across 5,000 private airports in the US, averaging flight times of 1.5 hours with 2-3 people on each aircraft. The smaller HondaJet “does that with great efficiency and comfort … it’s pretty romantic,” he adds. The company can also arrange for super mid-size jets, for longer trips.

Winston also explains how Private Jet Coin’s token economy is structured, benefits for members (token holders and other investors in the company), and how it fits within Reg D regulations to be accessible to everyone. Watch the full interview above to find out more.

Have you ever taken a flight on a private jet… and would you do it again? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.

Images and video via George Levy, Bitsonline

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