IBM Unveils Blockchain-Based Health Pass to Tackle COVID-19 Pandemic

IBM Unveils Blockchain-Based Health Pass to Tackle COVID-19 Pandemic

October 13, 2020

IBM wants to tackle the pandemic via blockchain.

IBM Launches Blockchain-Based Health Verification System

The COVID-19 pandemic has proved to be an unprecedented event in terms of myriad different facets of everyday life. Jam-packed music concerts, schools, and events seem like a distant dream in these testing times. IBM, however, wants to change this.

Per sources close to the matter, an IBM division is poised to launch a distributed ledger technology-based (DLT) health verification system to counter the raging pandemic. The platform seeks to enable individuals safely return to shared physical spaces like offices, school, flights, and stadiums, among others.

IBM’s offshoot, dubbed IBM Watson Health is a data analytics, and technology firm that is working with the wider healthcare space has unveiled a Digital Health Pass aimed toward allowing organizations to make their own criteria for COVID-19 health verification.

Specifically, such criteria may include test results, and temperature scans to generate individuals pass. These specifics are then recorded and shared using IBM Blockchain network.

Paul Roma, general manager, IBM Watson Health, noted that although companies are seeking solutions to enable individuals to return to public spaces, they are also determined to protect users’ privacy.

According to the report, the digital pass will tap “sophisticated cryptographic techniques” to verify individuals’ health statuses. At the same time, it will also ensure the underlying data does not become public.

The project’s website adds that users can efficiently manage their information via an encrypted smartphone wallet app. Notably, people can load health results – including COVID-19 tests – by scanning QR code into the app. The code can then be viewed by parties with access to the user’s data.

Using Blockchain to Tackle COVID-19

A swathe of companies are tapping blockchain technology to ready themselves to tackle the novel coronavirus menace.

For instance, consider VeChain and DNV GL’s infection risk management system dubbed My Care.

BTCManager reported in July that Luxembourg-based steel manufacturing firm ArcelorSteel had adopted My Care solution to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 infection at workplace.

Most recently, Ningbo Xingjian Pension Service – a subsidiary of Fosun Health Group FOSUNCARE – had obtained an infection risk management compliance statement from My Care.

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