Huawei introduced a block-patent patent

March 9, 2018

Chinese telecommunications firm Huawei has submitted a patent for the creation of a copyright protection system based on blockbuster.

According to the application, which the company filed in August 2016, Huawei plans to create a system of identification based on the block, in order to secure unique digital content from theft and dishonest use.

Huawei works on the protection of intellectual property

The results of the product verification, including the identification code of the owner of the intellectual property rights, as well as the location from which the application was sent, are permanently retained in the block-network.

Thus, the user's request for admission to the ad-hoc network passes through the verification of the compliance of the private key of the existing license, after which the client can access the content, reports The Cointelegraph.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government is going to close all loopholes, which citizens can use to participate in the trade in digital currencies.

Author: Vasilisa Ming, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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