EXMO Announces Updated Timings for Its Upcoming Coin Crowdsale

February 26, 2018

The EXMO Cryptocurrency Platform has announced that its token generation event will be pushed forward for two extra months. This comes directly from the EXMO team’s decision, caused by the rapid expansion of business, and the necessity to postpone the introduction of margin lending on EXMO. The new EXMO Coin crowdsale timing is set to start on April 26, and last until May 26, 2018.

EXMO has already got used to taking actions based on complicated and dynamic calculations and analytics. Even the EXMO team is not able to predict such a massive public interest in the native EXO token. The quantity of requests to participate in the EXMO Coin crowdsale has exceeded all EXMO’s forecasts 3 times over.

Having started their token generation event in November 2017, 10,000 new users have registered on the exchange on a daily basis. With a 9 fold increase on the number of deals on the EXMO exchange platform in the new year, a number of users wanting to use margin lending has also grown significantly, based on marketing surveys, at a rate of over 6 times.

With such a parabolic growth, EXMO is more than just happy, though it has made the team reflect on the availability of the required resources. Initially, EXMO had enough of them to run margin lending with a triple reserve. Now, with the current trading volume and demand, EXMO requires some additional time for preparation. According to the EXMO estimations, it is planned to launch the public version of margin lending with the maximum efficiency in March 2018

Creating a means for margin lending on the platform, the EXMO token generation event is considered logical as well as optimal to shift the dates to April 26 – May 26, believing that a more powerful start to the margin trading on EXMO will make out crowdsale even more successful and profitable for its investors, which will bring the benefits to all users worldwide.

All EMXO Coin channels for communication are available 24/7, and they continue to provide timely feedback and share information on the latest EXMO Coin news. The update on the token generation event may appear with delays in other sources.

EXMO endeavors to provide the most convenient and comfortable mode of trading for all users. Precisely for this reason, EXMO has taken into consideration the experienced user, as well as those users who simply don’t have enough time or desire to understand every aspect of the trading process.

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