Blockchain Technology Is Now Great Equalizer for American Cities

June 18, 2018

Blockchain Technology is now turning point for American society by making their major institutions more inclusive. By developing smarter cities and utilizing blockchain as a secure resource, city leaders can provide municipal members with the tools they need for success.  

Seemingly, Blockchain technology is providing high range of opportunities for American city service delivery and its operations. Meanwhile, a city of Austin, leading a program in which 2000 homeless people will be provided with a unique identification that will securely be recorded on the blockchain. Moreover, the identifier will help one to consolidate their records and seek for crucial services.

The Blockchain technology is a more secure and unalterable electronic register, serves as a distributed ledger. It helps to keep permanently record for anything provided digitally like goods, services, and property. At the public level, blockchain tech is able to create countless smart networks and grids.

Increasingly, Smart technology is growing more in the US as research states. Since 66% of cities have invested in some of the other sorts of smart city technological infrastructure. Therefore, it allows them to collect, calculate and analyze all time data to improve the lives of homeless people. For instance, with help of blockchain technology, we can turn microgrids into a reality on a macro scale. However, that allows peoples to easily embrace solar power and other more sustainable sources.

Further, if the question of building credit then there is no surprise that poor are most likely to have bad credit. The true fact is a that 7 percent of US people don’t own a bank account. Nevertheless, blockchain technology will allow designing an alternate way to build and track transactions.

Accordingly, blockchain technology helps to make this a reality as it results to be more youthful. And also disabled voters coming up to the polls. However, the online voting polls are more ‘hack proof’ as voters could be counted in real time. The National League of Cities reports that Blockchain in Cities are providing some clues about what next the powerful tool can do for local people.

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