Blockchain Firms Neuromation, Longenesis Partner On Global Data Marketplace For Healthcare

February 20, 2018

Blockchain startup Neuromation has teamed with Longenesis to create a blockchain global data marketplace.

Neuromation, which recently raised over $70 million in its initial coin offering (ICO), is developing a system for generation of the synthetic data using the deep neural networks trained on the large number of examples. It is using the processing power of the many graphics processing units (GPUs) in the blockchain community.

Longenesis is a blockchain life data marketplace that provides modular toolsets coupled with artificial intelligence (AI) systems to store, manage, and trade life data. The company’s LifePound token is used inside the marketplace as a monetary system. It can be used for transactions between the following elements: developers, users, data providers, customers, and the stock cryptocurrency market.

The goal of the partnership is to create global data marketplace where individuals will take control of their personal data and healthcare companies may invest in AI analysis they previously could not afford. The companies said healthcare data, protected in an encrypted, blockchain digital ledger, will deliver higher security and greater privacy for patients as well as less administrative work for doctors who can then can focus more on patient care.

Alex Zhavoronkov, CSO of Longenesis, said the company’s goal is to create a new, data-driven economy and its partnership with Neuromation will move Longenesis one step closer to that goal.

“Our collaboration will be two-fold,” said Zhavoronkov. “First, we’ll train the deep neural networks we need processing power and we are looking to repurpose the cryptocurrency mining equipment to do that. Second, to generate synthetic data, we must train on large data sets of real-world data and have balanced and diverse data sets. Neuromation is an obvious consumer of data and can be a part of the marketplace.”

Maxim Prasolov, CEO of Neuromation, said he believes all industries, including healthcare, will benefit tremendously from a flexible, blockchain research platform.

“The primary aim of Longenesis is to create a global data marketplace that will help provide personalized but at the same time secure data for healthcare application developers,” said Prasolov. “Hence, the missions of Neuromation and Longenesis are perfectly complementary to each other. Together we will bring to AI practitioners in medicine and healthcare both the data and the computational power needed to train AI models and improve healthcare throughout the world. By announcing this partnership, we are laying the foundation for the future world of individualized healthcare based on artificial intelligence.”

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