Blockchain Firm Nuggets Using Biometric Contactless Delivery System To Combat Chargebacks And Fraud

Blockchain Firm Nuggets Using Biometric Contactless Delivery System To Combat Chargebacks And Fraud

June 1, 2020

Blockchain payments and ID platform Nuggets has released their biometric contactless delivery system to enable customers to verify and accept delivery of their parcels putting an end to fraudulent chargebacks.

Nuggets is a consumer blockchain application that gives users a single biometric tool for login, payment, and identity verification without sharing or storing private data. Services like desktop e-commerce sites and telephone customer service agents can also ping the mobile app for payment and ID verification.

In a press release, Nuggets said that their new biometrically-verified, contactless delivery technology provides an efficient and effective way to stop delivery-related chargebacks from happening in the first place, with Nuggets guaranteeing verified delivery of a package to the right recipient, essential for avoiding losses through fraud, chargebacks and returns.

“Couriers are able to complete a contactless delivery of a package, by pinging the customer’s digital ID via the courier’s app, requesting the biometric ID verification from the Nuggets app which then confirms the delivery, providing instant proof of delivery,” Nuggets said. “End-users can already download the Nuggets app, available for iOS and Android devices, and retailers have the unique opportunity to easily integrate the Nuggets identity and payments platform into their checkout process. For retailers, Nuggets provides an all-in-one solution that centres around a customer’s digital ID, facilitating, access, payment, contactless delivery acceptance, and can even be used to verify reviews.”

Alastair Johnson, CEO & Co-Founder of Nuggets said that merchants are so overstretched with increased orders, staffing issues, and supply chain fulfilment problems that having to dispute chargebacks ends up at the bottom of the list.

“The combination of the astronomical costs facing our eCommerce businesses, from fraudulent chargebacks, to failed deliveries and fake user reviews, big savings can be delivered by having Nuggets integrated,” Johnson said. “With virtually no upfront investment, merchants can better manage their chargebacks spanning from COVID-19 and start safeguarding their revenues.”

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