QTUM Listed On Zuex And OnePageX Resulted In 18% Growth

QTUM Listed On Zuex And OnePageX Resulted In 18% Growth

March 15, 2019

In the cryptocurrency world, it is not uncommon to see altcoins go through a roller coaster ride. However, in this uncertain crypto market, QTUM, a leading cryptocurrency, won the battle against the bull and experienced a massive surge ranking 30th position.

At the time of writing, the price of the coin has increased up to 17.77% holding $2.52 trading price with market cap value of $225,514,202.

On march 14, the London-based FinTech startup Zuex which is the World’s First Crypto Mobile Payment and Investment App announced that it will be listing the Singapore-based Qtum Foundation QTUM tokens, in its digital payment wallet, and  let users to spend QTUM for all point-of-sale payments.

Zeux claims that :

It provides “a simpler way to pay, bank and invest by integrating all these services onto one place.  Also, the Zeux app,” leveraging “a long list of third-party partners to provide integrated investment products to its customers.”

This partnership with Zeux could result in few interesting mobile payment development.

The Qtum Foundation’s blog post states that

Zeux will launch publicly its multi-function app in April where it will become available in Europe.

On the other hand, Qtum is also available for trading on OnePageX. It may note a slightly higher trading volume today, assuming this growth will continue for a little while longer.

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