Nevada Washoe County Will Leverage Blockchain For Marriage Certificates

Nevada Washoe County Will Leverage Blockchain For Marriage Certificates

January 4, 2019

Back in April, this country also issues its initial marriage certificate saved on a blockchain. Anyone who gets married within the country, this program let them view and send a digital version copy of their marriage certificate right from their system.

Therefore, the Ethereum blockchain network saves these digital marriage certificates. Nancy Parent, the Clerk at Washoe County states that this digital marriage certificate is somewhat distinct from a marriage license. Nancy Parent spoke to the Reno Gazette-Journal saying,

Marriage licenses must be obtained in person at the County Clerk’s office and are not available online. Marriage certificates are proof of marriage and are available via blockchain technology through the Washoe County Recorder’s Office.

Clients opting for the blockchain marriage certificates need not have to wait 7-10 business days for receiving the document. Instead, they get their certificates via email within 24 hours. Moreover, county officials also serve over 950 people from April till early December.

However, the country will now use blockchain technology as backing up a digital record recovery system. The native Elko County is also planning a trial phase to use blockchain technology for saving digital copies regarding birth certificates.

Titan Seal is the core company behind digital marriage certificates at Washoe County. Titan Seal mentions that it is actively seeking for a DMV partner within the country to potentially develop a digital driver’s license primarily certified via blockchain technology.

Initiative resistance is seen from the residents who are still not aware of the technology and try to print out its digital version as a paper certificate. Technician department systems at Washoe County, Hunter Halcomb believes that around 35% of government authorities reject the digital certificates. Nevertheless, the maximum opposition is coming directly from the Motor Vehicles Department.

“DMVs in border states are our biggest issue because they actually see cases of marriage certificate fraud,” Halcomb said.

The PDF marriage certificate idea disturbs the situation. Moreover, they find difficult to convince the administrators amongst these DMVs those digital certificates is practically safer than the paper ones. The DMV at Nevada is yet to adopt the blockchain marriage certificate.

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